A max of calories to burn during the festival of Cannes !

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What can we do during the festival of Cannes to get healthy for the next night ?


During the Cannes Film Festival, it’s horrible ! we eat, we drink, eat, drink and drink again … and yes the nights in Cannes are warm and we forget our good resolutions to be healthy for the summer. ahhhhhhhh!


With Aqua Sport Evasion, we have the solution, you have to enjoy the max at Cannes, let’s go to do a bit of sport and at the same time visit the surroundings of Cannes.


Aqua Sport Evasion offers two fun activities and super friendly to do !


The STAND UP PADDLE – Program: Burning calories and a lot of fun !


stand-up-paddle-cannes-antibes-nice-activites-sup-paddle-locationA board, a paddle and a comprehensive briefing by a monitor and hop you already slipping over the sea with ease and style!

You will realize how it is easy to stand on your board and slip quietly admiring the landscape and also enjoy a break at a very secret place where water is very blue !

in one hour paddle, your calories will fly very quickly and therefore without any qualms, you can already validate your next party !

Vidéo : more informations : www.paddle-evasion.fr


The SEA KAYAKING – Program : Discovery, Sport, secluded cove and relaxing,, culture, fauna and flora … A max of calories burned!


kayak-evasion-location-iles-de-lerins-cannes-antibes-nice-cotedazur-frenchrivieraDuring this crazy festival of Cannes, Enjoy beautiful sea kayak outings Bi place to Lerins islands, it’s just in front of Cannes, in 15 minutes you are there and slide around the Sainte Marguerite and Saint Honorat Island!

Total disconnection and recharge your energy in creeks desert 15 minutes from the Croisette.

An unforgettable escape close to the Cannes festival

In return, you will also have the chance to approach the most beautiful yachts in the world, here, for the Cannes festival.



More information : www.kayak-iles-de-lerins.fr


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